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From the Artist



Frank Hardy was born in Selma, Alabama as the fourth child in a family of seven boys and one girl, Frank’s creative juices began to flow at an early age.


Frank was educated in the public school system in Selma where he attended several general art classes, gaining exposure to the different art mediums. Frank continued his artistic development through mostly self taught methods of exploration and experimentation, with the occasional peppering of workshops.


His medium of choice is oil paint, however many of his figures achieve almost life like expression when he uses pen and ink. The first public showing of his art was at the age of 16, and in-spite of limited opportunities to develop as an artist, he never lost the hunger to create and share his gift as an artist with the world.

Hardy says, because of his lack of formal art training his ability is truly a gift from God. He has discovered that you never know the true power of a gift unless it is shared.

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