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"The book to read is not the book that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think." Harper Lee

In my latest book, The Dancer, you will journey back in time to witness cruel inhumane acts, against the main characters, which were overcome through endurance, determination, and the desire for a better life. This story is a dramatic metaphor that shines a light on greed and the willingness to inflict such inhumane acts upon our brothers, all in the name of profit. It is also about how men are willing to legalize acts of cruelty when it does not personally affect them. Although this book has been written for reading pleasure and entertainment purposes, the hope is that it will also touch people in a kind of way to help them understand some of the struggles that have to be overcome to achieve any kind of success when there are lawmakers who are unwilling to level the playing field. And perhaps this book will encourage us to ask ourselves, are we willing to turn a blind eye if it conflicts with profit?

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